About us

Starfish Youth Music aims to help young people find their own musical voice, and give them confidence in their own creativity. Within the setting of the band-practice, our members explore writing songs and jamming, encouraging them to communicate ideas, share skills, and make decisions for themselves.

The members create the music. Experienced staff work to help this happen.  Its all about doing your own thing and helping others, raising the roof, laying foundations for life.

Starfish is based on a series of long or short term programmes (Juniors/ Seniors/Adults) from beginners to competent gigging bands, with many of our members coming back to tutor the younger bands.

Starfish puts on at least 5 big gigs a year, raising money for the club and sometimes for others as well. We also work with community groups and other organisations to provide music making events and workshops throughout the district.

As an independent club, we rely on members fees, donations and fundraising events to finance the running of the project.

Since 1998 Starfish has been growing from a few young musicians and a couple of amps into a major contributor to the local music scene, putting on popular public music events for all ages.

For young musicians interested in making electronic music we offer weekly sessions getting to grips with hardware synths, drum machines and music software. We are pleased to have a dedicated room where this all takes place, designed with small groups in mind.

We are fans of the "studio as instrument" approach and will guide you through ways to experiment with electronic sound making. Whether you are a budding dance music producer, a song writer looking to add originality to your recordings, or someone who wants to experiment with cinematic soundscapes and abstract noise making, we can lend a hand and show you the ropes.

We also run half term workshops in a variety of music practices for individual music makers. See our past OPEN EARS workshops for an idea of what is to come...