Starfish Youth Music is a music club for young people 10 -18 years old, based in Lewes, East Sussex. Since 1998 it has provided a fun and safe space for young people, helping them meet other like minded musicians, form bands, jam, write songs, play gigs and record their music. We are firm believers in creativity and personal expression through music. Our experience over the years has shown us that whatever their musical level, every young musician has the ability to express themselves and gain fulfillment by creating their own original music. 

junior Sessions

Fun and creative music sessions for young people aged 10 -14, offering the chance to meet other young musicians, to play in a band,  write record & perform your own music. Weekly 90 minute tutored band sessions cost £100 for a 12 week term.

senior sessions

For young people over 14, we offer a safe social space to come and play music, with full drum kits, amps, instruments & helpful staff on hand. We also put on around 5 gigs a year, giving you the chance to play to a crowd.  £100 for 12 weekly 2 hour sessions.

Music Lessons

Affordable guitar/bass/drums lessons for beginners. £15 per 30 minute one-to-one lesson. Concessionary rates available on request.


Starfish is run by a small dedicated team of experienced musicians and youth workers. Our role is to help nurture our young bands, to guide them through their own ideas and to help them realise their creative goals.

For young musicians interested in making electronic music we offer weekly sessions getting to grips with hardware synths, drum machines and music software. We are pleased to have a dedicated room where this all takes place, designed with small groups in mind.

We are fans of the "studio as instrument" approach and will guide you through ways to experiment with electronic sound making. Whether you are a budding dance music producer, a song writer looking to add originality to your recordings, or someone who wants to experiment with cinematic soundscapes and abstract noise making, we can lend a hand and show you the ropes.

We also run half term workshops in a variety of music practices for individual music makers. See our past OPEN EARS workshops for an idea of what is to come...